Near-field technology
The size of the devices has been reduced tonano-meter scale to meet the requirement using “nanotechnology. Optical near-field (ONF) has made it possible to reduce the size of photonic devices to the sub-wavelength scale or smaller. For further development of photonics we are interested in using the unique properties of ONF, which originated from the non-uniformity of the electric and/or magnetic field in a nano-scale. Using the ONF, we realized unconventional photo-reaction, resulting in the nano-scale device and sub-nanometer scale fabrication process.
Nano-Quantum Opto-Electronics Group

Direct excitation of the carrier in the indirect bandgap

ONF could excite the interband transitions between different wave -vectors according to the uncertainty principle. .

Nanophotonic fabrication

ONF enables the ultimate fabrication

Sustainable Development

ONF assisted energy up-conversion enables sustainable developments

Nanophotonic device

Near-field energy transfer enables nano-scale photonic device

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